This is my Kodak Master view camera, in a shot taken by the previous owner.

In front of the camera I have a 450mm Nikkor in a Copal 3, and a convertible set consisting
of 9 1/2-inch Gold Dot Dagor and 14-inch Red Dot Artar glass that share a Copal 3 shutter.
(I also have a 19-inch Red Dot Artar in an Ilex 4 mounted on a Horseman board, if you
need one make me an offer.)

Behind the camera I have 8x10-inch film holders that carry sheets of Ilford HP5
(ISO400 black and white negative film). I use Kodak's HC110 as a one-shot
developer, then archivally fix and wash. High resolution scans produce images
interpreted in Adobe Photoshop and printed on an Epson inkjet printer on archival art paper.

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It all packs away pretty neatly ... backpack, film cooler, two tripods, a monopod ... in the boat
when there's water, behind my sled when there's not, or an old newspaper buggy when
there's nothing but asphalt.